History and Company Profile of Asian Pacific Group of Companies

Asian Pacific Group of Companies

AMG "We do not leave our people behind. We lead them to learn of the future not tomorrow but today!"

President / CEO

Asian Pacific Group of Companies (APGC) was able to establish a powerhouse of partners in the industry. A blending of different property OWNERS AND DEVELOPERS, circumferencing the entire Philippine archipelago in providing prime properties and shelter under an exclusive "marketing agreement" with APGC. Filinvest Land Corp., Omico Corporation, Sta. Lucia Realty & Development, Inc., LandCo Pacific Corporation, RFM Properties & Holdings, Inc., Puregold Properties, Inc., Luisita Realty, Inc., AFP-Retirement & Separation Benefit System, San Jose Builders Corp., Kingsville Construction & Development Corp., Ameca Total Construction System, Ascent Venture Enterprises, Inc., A.C.Ordonez Construction Corp.,Adelina Realty Corporation, Atlanta Land Inc., Aznar Brothers, Community Savings & Loan Association, Inc., Central Country Estates, Inc., Crystal Harvest, Don Alfonso Realty & Development Corp., Ever-Rise Realty & Development Corp., FBM Construction, Fil-Homes, Filinvest Land Corp., First Alliance Land Development Corp., First Sta. Clara Builders, Forbes Corp., HGL Development Corp., Home Components Corp., Interflex Realty, J.J. Soriano Development, Landmovers Development, Inc., La Paz Homes, Inc., La Savoie, La Trinidad Bagong Lipunan Community Association, Marcins Corporation, Marginville Development Corporation, Meridan Agro-Industrial Development Corp., Mindanao Development Bank, Moldex Realty, Inc., Pathland Development Corp., Primex Development Corp., Progressive Homes, Inc., Rempson Realty & Development Corp., RGV Development & Training Center, Saga Realty Development Corp., Solid Partners Real Estate Developer, Inc., Southwater Realty & Development Corp., Trans-Orient Development & Training Center, Karrivin Holdings Corporation, Odyssey Property Holdings Inc.

Asian Pacific Realty & Brokerage Corporation (APRBC)


APRBC was APGCs flagship company that concentrates in marketing residential and commercial subdivisions, golf courses and resorts, proprietary membership shares, and other horizontal projects. Its projects diversify to include vertical ones: townhouses, condominiums, hotels and commercial complexes. The early success has brought a parallel need to provide the public with services other than marketing which paved the way to the expansion of services from marketing and brokerage to project feasibility studies, conceptualization, project financing, appraisal, subdivision planning, land development, project management and construction.

Asian Pacific Estates Development Corporation (APEDCO)


APEDCO was incorporated in 1987. It has become the holding company of APGC and supplies the inventories for the marketing companies. APEDCO has been more active in land development either solely or in joint venture partnership with some of the Philippines' finest companies.

Asian Empire Corporation (AEC)


AEC marked the latest addition in the APGC family with its registration on December 12, 1995 as an independent company.

AEC concentrates on the acquisition of all kinds of properties to own or use, improve, develop, subdivide, sell, mortgage, exchange, lease or hold for investment. AEC also acquires all kinds of real estate property whether to improve, manage or otherwise dispose of buildings, houses, apartments and other structures. It operates symbiotically with the other member companies of the APGC.

Lingayen Gulf Estates, Inc. (LIGECO)


LIGECO primary purpose is to acquire by purchase, lease donation or otherwise, and to own, use, improve, develop, subdivide, sell, mortgage, exchange, lease develop and hold for investment or otherwise, real estate of all kinds, improve, manage or otherwise dispose of buildings, houses, apartments, and other structures of whatever kind, together with their appurtenances.

Asian Pacific Golden Heart Foundation, Inc. (APGHFI)

Distributing School Supplies

APGHFI was formed in 1999, in an effort to foster socio-civic activities for the benefit of the majority of our fellow Filipinos, the different communities, and the country as a whole.

Originally a public relations campaign of the Asian Pacific Group of Companies relative to the celebration of its 25th Foundation Anniversary, realtor Arsenio M. de Guzman, Jr. was inspired by the warm acceptance of the public specially in the series of medical, dental and surgical missions initiated by APGC for the needy communities in Quezon City. This inspiration was transformed into a solid plan of forming a foundation which will continue the initialed campaign of the APGC.

Feeding Program

To formalize the organization, realtor de Guzman established a powerhouse network of businessmen and civic workers and invited them to become trustees. He succeeded in doing so, and wasting no time, the Asian pacific Golden heart Foundation was born.

The Asian Pacific Golden Heart Foundation incorporators include: Mr. Vicente T. Atillano- President/Chairman, Corporate Investments Philippines, Inc.; Atty. Eduardo delos Angeles - Partner, Romulo Mabanta Law Office; Mr.. Exequiel D. Robles - President/CEO, Sta. Lucia Realty & Development, Inc.; Gov. Leonida Bayani-Ortiz - President, Bayani's International Corporation; Ms. Gloria M. de Guzman - Vice President Finance & Treasurer, Asian Pacific Group of Companies: at Mr. Arsenio M. de Guzman, Jr. - Chairman / President, Asian Pacific Group of Companies.

ASIAN PACIFIC GOLDEN HEART FOUNDATION, INC. was officially incorporated November 17, 1999, whose primary purpose includes following:

  • To extend free medical, dental and surgical aid and relief goods to the indigents, distresses, underprivileged and victims of calamities such as, flood, fire and earthquake.
  • To provide educational assistance in all academic levels to the poor but deserving students and out-of-school-youth.
  • To assist the underprivileged in the creation of livelihood program that will uplift their living condition.
  • To actively involve in the promotion of healthy and environmental program such as, cleaning of canals and esteros, disinfection of slum areas to prevent and contain spread of environmental diseases.
  • To assist in the disinfection of land crops to increase farm productivity.
  • To conduct programs and seminars on the conservation of marine resources to preserve, propagate and replace destroyed corals through artificial means to complement the livelihood program of the local community and the national government.
  • To conduct seminars on Pabahay Program in close coordination with the government agencies concerned and private developers specifically in the areas of latest trend in construction and requirement on housing loans.
  • To provide training programs for OFWs and sharpen their respective skills and prepare them for their re-entry in the main stream of our society as productive Filipinos.
  • To help minimize and arrest delinquency among youth by engaging the services of technical experts in conducting seminars on and sponsoring sports activities such as swimming, tennis, basketball, volleyball, billiard pool, taekwondo, chess, bowling and other sports.

Our Mission


APGC is committed to develop and protect its premium horizontal and vertical projects in a quality of service that brings complete satisfaction to the local, national and global community. It also aims to display that beauty of the Philippines through its project designs and features that will attract tourists and filipino workers abroad.

Our Vision


Our company rose from a vision of the family's right to decent shelter. A vision of communities, commercial and recreational centers, planned and laid out not to strain nature's ability to sustain them. It is also a vision of a corporation where the corporate ideals of industry, integrity, reliability and honesty are traits pursued and practiced. We shall apply the greatest knowledge at our disposal in engineering new communities, binding form and function, livability with aesthetic appeal, using the bounty of nature as we supply the means to nourish it in return.

We shall train and mould ourselves, the employees and Sales Associates according to the highest moral and ethical standards. We shall provide them trainings to inherit the expertise needed towards excellence in pursuing our tasks and ventures.

We shall recognize and attend to our corporate responsibilities as we train our sight in expanding the company's horizon beyond regional and national boundaries, "Linking the Philippines to the world".

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